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Semester 2 has begun…

I am pretty sure I am only writing this blog for my own amusement now but that is ok! Semester 2 has started and for the first time since beginning this degree in 2010 I am doing 3 subjects in … Continue reading

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Being a Decent Person While Using Social Media

This is more of a soapbox post than anything, but I think it is relevant in terms of teaching our students to not be a$%&hats when using social media. So poor old Grant Hackett has gone and found himself in … Continue reading

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My Monkey

I am still battling along with assignment 2, but progress has been made – I seem to have chosen my content descriptors from V.7.5 Australian Curriculum! I am also on to my second bottle of wine for this assignment…but I … Continue reading

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The Magic 2 Months in Language Development

I absolutely love TED Talks. My first TED Talk was “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” by Sir Ken Robinson, and it blew my mind, opened my eyes, and completely changed my approach to education. If you have not seen this before, … Continue reading

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