EDC3100 Prac Reflection 20/05/2016 Day 5

I have come to the conclusion that studying education at university with a view to becoming a teacher is bulls:)t. What I am finding on this prac is how discouragingly unprepared I am for the real world of teaching. I know the theory, but I am struggling to put it into practice. Don’t misunderstand, I am absolutely loving my placement and I am going to come out the other side a different preservice teacher. My mentor is very supportive, calm, organised, and runs a tight ship in a classroom made of low-level learners in a low-performing school. But I am becoming increasingly frustrated at how little I am able to put into practice – I am writing my lesson plans, and now find my self constantly referring to them while I am teaching but still get confused, run out of time, struggle holding the interest of the students etc…

There needs to be way less theory and a lot more prac for people studying education to become a teacher. This work is like a trade, like becoming a hairdresser, or an electrician, or anything else where you learn on the job but also need to complete a large chunk of theory – we need to be spending at least 1-3 days a week in a school, and that school is where we do our prac. Then we complete the theory in blocks, like the ol’ residential schools or something like that.

Yesterday I taught two history lessons, and planned them both quite closely. As my school uses C2C I have access (via my mentor as I cannot get into OneSchool) to a wide range of purposefully relevant resources. One thing I like about C2C is that it gives you pretty much everything you need for the lesson and you just need to put your own spin on it to make it appealing. I wonder if anyone else out there is using C2C, I would love to hear your feedback and stories.


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4 Responses to EDC3100 Prac Reflection 20/05/2016 Day 5

  1. Hi Jacqueline,
    I am so glad that I am not the only one feeling as if they are not prepared enough for the real world of teaching! I to am constantly referring to my lesson plans whilst teaching and have problems like yourself such as running out of time, getting confused and losing children’s interest. I 110% agree with your statements about having more prac and less theory. Yes there is theory side to teaching but a lot of what teaching is has to do with practice and the delivery of lesson in an effective manner that enables students to learn. My mentor provides me with C2C lesson plans as well for me to use when teaching. I love how it steps out possible ways of how to develop certain concepts in children. I do however modify them to suit learning needs. Wishing you all the best on teh rest of you prac 🙂

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    • Hi Summer, thank you for your comment, I am sorry for not replying sooner. I am struggling with the diversified learning side of things, I guess because the level of the whole class is so low. I like the C2C stuff for its content as well, I don’t use the individual plans as we are running behind with assessment and after Naplan, but I like the different suggestions provided! Hope your prac is going well!


  2. deniseas75 says:

    I understand where you’re coming from too Jacqueline. I do think that the few people that are upskilling from teacher aides etc definitely have an advantage over the people that are starting or changing careers into teaching. All those hours, day in day out, interacting with a variety of teachers and the students is something that can not be taught through reading textbooks, it comes from experience. I know we will also learn a lot more once we have our own classrooms, but i wonder if that is still going to be enough.
    On the C2C, i’m not overly keen on it myself, it does have some great resources though, if the links work that is, many of them dont, which is disappointing. I don’t have access to the One School either, but i have also seen/used the Distance Education C2C, it’s so much better than the normal C2C in the lesson structure and the resources etc.

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  3. Thank you for your kind comment, I love it when people “pop in”, it makes me feel noticed!! This prac is amazing, I am learning more than I could ever have thought, but at the same time I am so worried that I will fail, though a large part of me is sure that won’t happen – we are not expected to be perfect yet..
    Yes, once we have our own rooms it will be a baptism of fire, I am sure. It always takes me three weeks to get into prac and just as it ends I feel like “right, I am ready now, let’s do this!”

    How is your prac going?


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