EDC3100 Prac Reflection 19/05/2016 Day 4

Today was a better day. I did a maths lesson, I planned the pants off it and it went not too bad. I am struggling with the range of learners in the room – some kids are barely at a year 1 level – and I still find the behaviour to be challenging. They are not all all bad kids, quite the opposite, but my mentor runs a tight ship, and I don’t want standards to change because I am a softie. Usually I run out of time in the lessons, but today I had so much more time than I thought I would. My mentor gave me some great feedback re making worksheets to give them successes and build from there. I need to pay more attention to the lower end of the room, though I am afraid to pull those kid to the side lest the whole room goes mad…

In the afternoon I went to a year 5 class and nearly fell off my chair with the work they were doing – writing a narrative on the Eureka Stockade, the formation of the unions, and the granting of the right to vote in Australia. Bloody hell. I don’t remember doing anything like that in primary school. The teacher followed the C2C closely, employing the videos and other things in conducting the lesson. She used a lot of positive reinforcement in terms of tokens and in-class rewards, and she was very calm and organised. I am overwhelmed enough in a 3rd grade room, I cannot even comprehend teaching 5th grade…!


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I live in Townsville, I crochet, go to yoga and pilates, walk, study, and drink craft beers. Me in a nutshell.
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