EDC3100 Prac Reflection 18/05/2016 Day 3

I joined in the English learning support class in the morning, where the students are working on the skills they need for their assessment tasks. The teacher focused on short sentences that involve movement/verbs and build tension, and the students had to highlight sentences with 4 words or less.
After first lunch the students have a Stephanie Alexander kitchen cooking class, where they learn about healthy eating choices, sustainability, and cooking healthy food. There is a large vegetable and herb garden that the students help to maintain, and most of the ingredients they use come from this garden. The students used papayas from their treen to make papaya chutney.

The students used proper knives and other cooking equipment to chop, dice, julienne etc the ingredients, then measured out the vinegar and other spices, before putting it on the stove to cook. They are then able to taste what they have made, and yesterday they had pita bread, celery, and carrot to go with the chutney. The students seem to love this class, but the right to participate can be taken away with repeated bad behaviour.

I taught a history lesson in the afternoon, and although I thought I was very prepared for it, the lesson did not go as well as I was hoping, I was pretty disappointed and discouraged. My mentor asked me to send her my reflection on the lesson, and I was quite scathing on myself, but I felt it was fair and deserved. She emailed me back saying that yes there were problems with time management and behaviour (this class is half SEP…!) but then she went on to list several positives, and it was most timely, I really needed to hear that as I was pretty discouraged. I am really liking my mentor and the way she rolls, this is my best prac so far.

I also met my prac support teacher yesterday, finally, and I was talking to her about the challenges I was finding in implementing lessons with ICT, as there ins a distinct lack of opportunity to do so in my class. My mentor, as wonderful as she is, is very focused on assessment, and it is difficult to make room in the schedule for what I need to do. I found out the school has heaps of beebots and other things that I can use, and my prac support teacher gave me some great ideas, so I will be focusing on those over the weekend.


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