EDC3100 Prac Reflection 16/05/2016 Day 1

The day’s schedule was quite messed up. The MPO teacher Mrs P. was away sick and the subs teacher didn’t arrive until 09:45, so Sharon taught both classes till then (school rules lesson, held 3 times a week)

I hadn’t prepared anything to do as I got very confused and overwhelmed looking through all the information. We were supposed to have a history lesson today, and I am teaching the history unit, but as our schedule was changed around we did English instead, and I didn’t have anything prepared anyway. A lot of the resources of the C2C lesson plans are in the a Learning Place, which I don’t think I have access to, so I will need to research alternatives.I taught a maths lesson for about 30 min on number patterns, and it was not too bad considering I planned it about 5 min. I did well with the transition from carpet to desks, but I did lose som of them in terms of attention span and behaviour. I only used “direct teaching”, when next time I will plan for direct teaching→ guided and joint practice→ independent practice, with activities for those who can work on their own, and guided learning for those who don’t quite understand the concept and content of the lesson.

When I go around checking their work I should be signing or stamping to show that I have seen what they have done so far.

Behaviour management – because today’s schedule was so different to usual, and also I was new to the room the class took a long time to settle. LJ and KB had their heads on the tables during maths, and other students needed more work to continue independently. I need to have strategies to keep the room quiet and on task, and not noisy. With Sharon they know what she expects and what she will tolerate, but they don’t know that with me yet. She is always restating how important behaviour management is. Last week Sharon recommended focusing on one aspect of behaviour management each day and working on my skills and strategies that way.

Use of ICT in lesson plans – much like David has said repeated, Sharon said to not plan the lesson around the ICT, rather think about the lesson and how a particular ICT could enhance/amplify and transform the learning. I had been thinking about the kind of ICT I could use then thinking about how I would use them, when what I should be doing is coming up with the lesson plan, then looking to see what ICT could be incorporated in. We are using ppt in the third week, and Sharon said that is enough – breaking it down into turning on and logging on to a computer, opening and creating a ppt document etc would be enough. They will also be taking photos, and I wonder if I could use voice recording of their stories….

I was very nervous at the start of the day, and almost felt sick as the time came for me to teach my lesson, but now at the end of the day I feel better and more confident, though still terribly anxious about failing.


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