EDC3100 Prac – Possible Resource Ideas

I am browsing for ICT ideas for my ICT-poor classroom, and I came across this page, and although it is very, very dated, I think it could be a good starting point as my classroom for prac could very well just have stepped out of 1999 in terms of ICT visibly available. Unlike Ella, there were no IWBs, let alone white boards, when I was in primary school – we had blackboards and overhead projectors, so really I should feel right at home…

I have been given the history unit to teach, and although I will be able to teach other subjects as well, my mentor is in assessment mode, so what I do cannot interfere with the assessment process.I also need to find alternative ideas to the ol’ IWB as ours is not interactive.

I had forgotten about voice recording, and it just so happens that we are going on an excursion, and this may come in handy – this class is a very low performing class, so recording their words may enhance their learning in assisting their ability to recall, and transform the learning by enabling them to critically reflect on their dialogue while on excursion compared with their thoughts and opinions post-excursion…

I am dreading tomorrow…and at the same time I know that in three weeks this will all be over and I will be a more confident and skilled teacher-to-be, but that knowledge is not calming the butterflies at all…


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