A3 – Sharing Resources via Diigo

I have been trying all course long to get into Diigo and really feel the love and power, but I just keep forgetting it is there…

So, determined not to be left behind this time, I have made a start on Part B Preparation and Planning for A3, and have started a tag on Diigo called “EDC3100A3” – I will be using this tag on any resources and articles of reference that I come across, and anyone is welcome to use them. Please feel free to add comments via the sticky notes function, if you like.

Like Candice, last Friday I also went out to meet my mentor. Mrs. M. is a tough bird who runs a very tight ship in her year 3 classroom, but she said that because the academic level of the group is so low it is very difficult to incorporate ICT into lessons, so she doesn’t. The IWB is not interactive, so is just a WB. The school is far from rolling in money so ICT resources seem a lot more scarce than I first thought.There is a computer lab, and some iPads…but my mentor, although younger than me, prefers paper and pencil…

I am finding this Part B to be challenging as I try to come up with amplifying and transformative ways to incorporate ICT into my lessons…I have been googling “using ICT in low performing primary school classrooms”, and would be grateful for any other tips or advice.

it_support_memes02(Thank you, www.siliconrepublic.com)

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4 Responses to A3 – Sharing Resources via Diigo

  1. Reblogged this on EDC-3100 ICT & Pedagogy and commented:
    Thank you Jacqueline for setting up this amazing resource. As we come to to ‘crunch’ time of the semester it rapidly becomes a situation of the more resources the better, and sometimes the real issue i the collation and accessing of this critical information. Not to mention to amazing opportunities it provides for networking and in the reduction of the duplication of information. I’m sure this will prove to be an invaluable resource and I’m so glad you took the opportunity to take a leading step to make this a efficient resource.
    It’s a great time, meeting mentors, planning, excitement, and putting learning into action. I’m a last year student, on my 4th prac, but see that some people are on their first? Is that right? I must be difficult to jump in at this end. Fortunately one of my teaching areas is ICT so I feel like I mat have a little advantage but that’s no reason to rest at this stage. I wish everyone all the best , deep breaths, and remember, what issue you cross, someone has already had it…use your network!!

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