EDC3100 Prac – My Context…

Ok, so last Friday I went out and met my mentor, and then today I went and spent the morning in the classroom, just to get a bit of a feel for the school and the class. The school that I am going to ranks in the bottom 25% of the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA)Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA), and performs very poorly in NAPLAN – I gathered this information from the My School website. For those who have not heard of this, you just type in the name of your school and a plethora of statistics are revealed.

I will be with a Year 3 class, who are a very low-performing cohort, and are also combined with a special education class. For someone who just wants to teach Prep, I am in for a treat.

My school seems to have very limited resources. There is a computer lab in the school, but you need to book it, and priority is given to the older grades. There are six iPads available for use. The Interactive White Board is not interactive…just a whiteboard…, and because of the very low level of the students the teacher rarely integrates ICT – some of these kids are barely reading at a year 1 level…

Thank you, Know Your Meme

Once again my placement will coincide with assessment time – yippee! – but fortunately one of the assessments has the students creating a multimodal presentation using PowerPoint. They are writing a story and creating the illustrations, but this will all be done on paper first, and the illustrations will be scanned then added to the PPT presentations, if there is time…So! I get to teach them how to use PowerPoint…

I suggested that the students use iPads or something and take photos of their illustrations, then they could insert the photos into their PPT…and if they had a DropBox account they could just pop them straight in there on the iPads…”Ooh, you could set that up, if you wanted.” Oh, could I? Goody.

I think there is a digital camera somewhere…I could take photos of the child holding a picture of their illustration, I can upload it to DropBox with their name on the file, then they could download it and insert it into their PPT…I have a sinking feeling there will not be time for this…

I know I am not alone in thinking “How the faddle am I going to come up with five lesson plans that enrich student learning using ICT?!” I read Jodie’s post in which she echoed my thoughts, and I know that Ashley was very worried about the absence of ICT in her school, but I found this post from her on IWBs informative and reassuring. This is also only my second time in a school, and it seems like I have been given a real humdinger of a class in a grade about which I know nothing, using ICT of which there is none…challenge accepted.



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6 Responses to EDC3100 Prac – My Context…

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  2. Hi Jacqui, thanks so much for the great reminder of this info! I just looked up my Prac school and as of 2015 there were only 18 enrollments for the whole school! This along with mentor info will be great for putting together Part B of the Assignment 3. Cheers, Lee.

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  4. Primary teacher to be. says:

    Hi Jacqui, I just stumbled onto your blog and lucky I did! I completely forgot about the My School website, such a handy reminder! Thanks, I’m going to search for my school now. All the best with prac!


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