A2 – Online Games and Activities

Ok, so here is some stuff I have found. Please check them out and let me know what you think. I am starting to seriously get into this resource-searching thing, it is quite addictive…

1. Geography Games

I like it, but I found it difficult! I think it would be a good activity but I am wondering if it is too much for year 2…

2. Mapping Our World

I like this one, I am going to use Lesson 1 in my unit plan as I think it is suitable for year 2. It is something that could be done as a class, in work groups, or individually. It is quite transformative in that the students are getting a very hands-on experience at looking at the world, especially the one with the mole drilling through the earth and you have to guess where he will come out!

File 26-04-2016, 9 57 49 AM








3. National Geographic MapMaker Interactive

As far as year 2 goes, for a guided activity I think it would be good. Much the same as Google Earth, I think this activity can enhance and transform students’ learning by allowing them to explore the map, select countries and learn about their flags, cultures, foods, investigate population densities, and more.

4. Mystery Skype

This is brilliant!!! I absolutely want to try this!!! Your class sets up a skype chat date with another class somewhere around the world, and each class has to guess where the other is through creative and collaborative thinking!! Enhancing and transformative!!

File 26-04-2016, 10 10 08 AM

Thank you to Jessica, Gabrielle and the many others out there for also sharing their ideas. I have spent the best part of the last four days looking for inspiration, and I have not been disappointed.




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