A2 – Giving the kids control over the ICT

This blog post by Simon Haughton discussed the points teachers need to keep in mind when planning for lessons that incorporate ICT, and with any luck I have in fact provided you with the page I have saved in Diigo with bits highlighted.

The post raised some good points about providing effective support and scaffolding, making sure the students have a selection (but not too broad) of task descriptions so that they can find one that suits them, providing good quality exemplars for them to refer back to, and also keeping the activity meaningful and focusing on the skills being developed.

In my previous captivating episode I talked about my quest to find suitably appropriate  ICT for my unit plan, and what I thought I might do with all of that. I have selected Year 2 geography, and the theme of the curriculum is “People are connected to many places“, with students investigating their links with people and places locally and globally. As  2016 is the year of the Olympics in Rio, I also was hoping to somehow factor that in…but I think I may have to change my plan a little.

What I am now thinking of is that, working in groups, students will choose one country from each continent to (virtually) visit. They will complete a worksheet, one like this passport template perhaps, or maybe this one from Australian Curriculum Lessons create a postcard using something like Pic Collage or Picasa, and a group podcast talking about their country. I have used Audacity myself, so I thought they would use that, or Garageband or something like that, and upload them onto the class website or blog. They would also be learning about using maps of the world, and locating oceans, poles, tropics, hemispheres and so on in addition to continents, which links nicely into ACHGK009. I have also selected ACHGS017 as one of my “transforming” objectives, and I think this will be met through the construction of the passport, postcard, and podcast.

Please, PLEASE give me your feedback, advice and criticism, positive and negative!!


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