Prac 2016…

Well, they say you should do something everyday that scares you, so I am saving mine all up for when I go on prac – I am going into a Year 3 class and, after working in an OSHC this year, I am pretty nervous. I have worked in early childhood for quite a number of years now, and like to think that I know quite a lot about the little ones, but I still really don’t know anything about Year 3 kids. I am terrified but very excited, as I am going to learn more than ever before.

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My fellow student Zoe has been allocated a rural placement in a composite class of Yr 4/5/6, eight hours away from home, and she is beyond excited – in fact, Zoe’s excitement and enthusiasm is quite contagious, and so I will be following her closely as I psych myself up for this prac. In a following post, Zoe discussed how she is already thinking about what ICT might be available in such a rural setting, and she mentioned the Smart Classrooms Strategy, and this information will be invaluable in my own preparation for prac.

So far, my only prac in a school has been in a prep class, so I am well and truly feeling like a fish out of water. Any advice or links to resources or useful strategies would be most gratefully received!



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