Being a Decent Person While Using Social Media

This is more of a soapbox post than anything, but I think it is relevant in terms of teaching our students to not be a$%&hats when using social media.

So poor old Grant Hackett has gone and found himself in a steaming pot of bother after his unfortunate inflight incident yesterday, and he issued a public apology today, and said how embarrassed he was at his actions and behaviour, and that he knew he had a lot of work to do personally.

You can bet that the man feels like absolute rubbish today over what happened. And yet, this has not deterred the general public from coming out and basically ripping him a new one, and throwing insults and slurs that are undeserved. This one comment on the ABC’s Facebook post of the story is but one example – “He has always been a douchebag,seen him many times on the goldcoast.big ego big douchebag” (**Disclaimer – as this is a comment from Facebook I do not know how to reference it correctly…any advice would be greatly appreciated).

As I was reading all this I came across this TED Talk on my Twitter feed:

Social media has gone from being a place where people felt they could reveal their darkest secrets and find kindred spirits who’d had similar experiences, to a place where there is a growing mob mentality, and it is quite disgusting.

Unfortunately the video is not suitable for young students, perhaps yr 11 or 12 could watch it, but I feel it is relevant to EDC3100 in the ethical and responsible use of ICT and social media. Many valuable lessons are contained within, please give it a watch.


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