Assignment 2: Drafting ideas #draftUow #Year2 #History

Bec is doing year 2 history, and as I am doing geography I think she may be a good person to follow!

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backwards design model 1

So here we go….Assignment Two!  Seeing that EDC3100 students are required to plan a unit of work, I thought it was important to mention the “Backwards Design Model” which is a great tool to assist in designing a quality unit of work for your students.  It demonstrates three stages: CURRICULUM + ASSESSMENT + PEDAGOGY which equals QUALITY LEARNING.  As you can see from the table above, it starts by considering what the desired results are that you wish to achieve with your students with the final assessment in mind. It then guides you to determine the acceptable evidence of learning derived from the appropriate curriculum, which then supports the designing of quality learning experiences and instruction.  One of my fellow students gives a great outline of the Backwards Design in her Backward Design blog entry that shows the path of implementation in simple, easy to read terms. 🙂 I have…

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