PCK and Grade 2 Geography

The blockbuster saga that is A2 continues this week. My love/hate relationship with all things acronym also drags on with a return to PCK – Pedagogical Content Knowledge. On advice from David I did a google for “geography pedagogical learning content” and the first one that popped up was the GEOGStandards website, and if you are also doing something with geography for A2 please check it out, it has a lot of good information on geographical PCK. What I liked most was the way they break PCK down into bite-sized mouthfuls, making it much easier to understand. Most of the information I am finding is being led with examples with year 9 students, and I am an early childhood major, however the basic concepts really cannot be that different – the goal is to make the subject matter accessible and comprehensible to your students, no matter the age.

People may even find this paper by Rod Lane quite informative – when students feel comfortable to express their theories, no matter how naive, on how things work teachers are able to use common preconceptions to shape teaching and guide the learning. This article on HPE and PCK by Niki Tsangaridou was shared on Feedly, and may even be of interest to Ashley as she recently blogged about ideas for A2. Sophie has also put together a great blog post on PCK and the different resources available to teachers. Funnily enough in her post Sophie talks about the Khan Academy, and I had recently signed up to it just to see what it was about, and although I had not researched it thoroughly I remember thinking “wow, this could be alright…” and then David went and provided us with this link to an article that was quite critical of the Khan Academy’s pedagogical methods, and it got me thinking again…Having strong PCK enables the teacher to know what the students will find challenging and difficult and what kind of examples and metaphors are going to be the most useful in getting the point across.


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