My Monkey

I am still battling along with assignment 2, but progress has been made – I seem to have chosen my content descriptors from V.7.5 Australian Curriculum!

I am also on to my second bottle of wine for this assignment…but I digress..again.

I am the worst procrastinator that I have ever known. Nothing makes me want to tidy the back courtyard and chop down those annoying palms, and then mop the floor, and maybe clean the pantry more than having an assignment to do…and it turns out that this is because I have a mental condition – I have an Instant Gratification Monkey.

igmrdminteracting1(Image graciously borrowed from

That is him on the left. I knew there was something weird going on with me and my procrastination but it was Talitha’s blog post that helped me label my condition by directing me to this TED Talk by Tim Urban:

I get the work done, I always do, and I do ok with my grades, I make my deadlines…but my monkey gets in the way of my doing other non-pleasant things that have no deadline, like housework, laundry, tidying up…

Does anyone else out there have a monkey too?





About jacquelinehowlett

I live in Townsville, I crochet, go to yoga and pilates, walk, study, and drink craft beers. Me in a nutshell.
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