Create Your Own Galaxy – Writing Code

In my ongoing quest for inspiration for Assignment 2, I had a google for “grade 2 ICT”, and that led me to an amazing site called,  which is aimed at promoting computer science. Beginning with the “Hour of Code”, students from as young as six learn the fundamentals of computer science, and using code can create a Star Wars galaxy, or a Minecraft adventure, or go exploring with Elsa and Anna. I chose….


(Image graciously borrowed from

Yup. Star Wars!! Using drag-drop blocks I made my little round Star Wars thing go around and pick up trash so that we could build our own galaxy far, far away! This thing is ridiculously addictive, AND incorporates both numeracy and literacy. Anyone can make use of, as long as they use it for non-profit good and not evil.

In terms of our RAT, I believe this enhances and transforms the learning of students. They are able to see code in action, and they will enjoy the control they have over the commands they give their Star Wars buddy.

This is a fantastic resource that I think all students would find engaging, challenging, and most of all a lot of fun. Please let me know what you think.


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