Smarter than your average phone…

Hello, a few posts ago I chatted (to myself) on this blog about ICT and happiness and whether we could survive a day without technology, and last week on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering,  he discussed our dependence on mobile phones…

…apparently there is research now to support that use of smart phones affects our brains, and contributes to the release of dopamine. In addition to this, he discussed the effects on our posture from using phone, and our personal safety in texting while walking, and the way we “outsource” so much of our lives to our smart phones. I know myself I use my smartphone for scheduling, banking, blogging, shopping, taking photos, uni access, music, waking me up in the morning….to my chagrin it has become an extension of my self (space between words intentional).

Fellow student Kylie also blogged about this recently as she pondered over whether ICT was making us antisocial. Kylie found posts from Ashley and Chloe with opposing views on the subject, and I thought that was quite interesting – Ashley says yes, Chloe says no.

I like to think that ICT is not affecting my ability to be a social person, however at the same time it is a lot easier with ICT to connect with my inner introvert…and just not reply to messages …or answer the phone…just turn the bloody thing off…

However, when I am not able to access my smartphone, for example due to a Telstra outage, I do wonder what I am then supposed to do with my life until the connection is restored, and Leanne blogged about our dependence and reliance on ICT – as an online student I am very dependent on my internet connection and smart phone. If the internet goes out at home I get this feeling of being completely cut off from the world…I am old enough to remember a world without mobile phones at all, but I must admit to having become very dependent on mine…




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I live in Townsville, I crochet, go to yoga and pilates, walk, study, and drink craft beers. Me in a nutshell.
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