Lesson plans…

While most of my learned colleagues have finished assignment 1 and are already on to assignment 2, I am still battling…I have found several brilliant lesson plans that I would have loved to use, but the whole issue of copyright and creative commons and all the other stuff continues to crop up.

In an earlier post I wrote about RAT and SAMR and SLIC and how I had found a lesson on Australian Curriculum Lessons that I thought looked really good, but they did not reply to my requests until yesterday and said that they would let me know sometime after Easter as they had been so overwhelmed with requests from USQ…ok, thanks fellas, and go team! So, Plan B…

Plan B was this fabulous lesson I found on Scootle where the students design their own car, and you can check it out for yourself if you have a Scootle account, but if you don’t…So, Plan C…

Plan C was a poetry one that I found on CAP THAT! I couldn’t find an email address or contact phone number for them, so I sent them a message on Facebook and on Twitter:

My last idea came from a fellow student who advised me to check out the Discover Dairy website, and I have found “Calcium Crusaders“, which incorporates the use of ICT via the internet, a digital camera, and Microsoft Word.

Thank you to all the students who have replied to my questions and panic attacks on our facebook page!




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