Evaluating ICT for Lesson Plans…

On the off-chance that any of my dedicated followers are not doing EDC3100 this semester, I have been tasked with finding a lesson plan that incorporates ICT, and I am to evaluate it alongside a long list of criteria. I will be looking at the ICT used in the lesson plan by both the teacher and students, how the ICT is used by both the teacher and the students, the pedagogy associated with the ICT, as well as the RAT, SLIC, SAMR models.

Fortunately for me my fellow students Shannon, Michelle, Matthew, and Chloe have recently blogged all about this, and each provided new information over which I could ponder.

The RAT Model is all about ensuring that we are looking for ways to enhance and transform learning through the use of ICT, not just using ICT to replace something else. This video that I found on the Digital Literacy Blog is very cute and sums it up nicely:

The SAMR Model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) is also about the meaningful infusement of ICT into teaching and learning, and can be partnered with Blooms Taxonomy:diagram-puentedura

(Image taken from https://www.graphite.org/blog/samr-and-blooms-taxonomy-assembling-the-puzzle )

And then there is SLIC, an acronym for Student Learning, Instructional methods, and Curriculum goals, which is more of the same but with a different name:

Student Learning Instructional methods Curriculum goals
Activity task Teacher’s role “Knowledge” to be gained, learned or applied
Thinking process – mental process Interaction with students “Experience” to be gained, learned, or applied
Task milieu (individual, small group, whole-class, others) Assessment of students
Motivation Professional development
Student attitude Preparation
Administrative tasks

Dimensions (within Themes) for guiding analysis of technology use (adapted from Hughes et al, 2006, p. 1617), taken from Module 1 Notes

As I dive into Assignment 1, I will be keeping all three models in mind, but mostly focusing on the RAT model. There are also 87 items on the checklist to go through, with comments as required. This is going to be great. I have selected a Year 3 Literacy Lesson from Australian Curriculum Lessons that I think is ok to use…I have emailed them and contacted them via their website (double whammy) so hopefully everything will be fine…


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