A day without digital Technology

I was directed to this post by Talitha (https://everlastinglydiscovering.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/fellow-blogger/) and I must admit to agreeing with Sharaya – looking back, life really was so simple. If you wanted to tell someone something, you didn’t just send them a 3-word text, you called them – actually dialed their number – and spoke to them directly. I miss receiving letters from friends in the post, now it is just emails…though last Christmas I did send Christmas cards, even chased up addresses! Sharaya’s comments on our need for instant gratification really resonated with me – I think maybe we were more organised in the old days, there was more planning because you couldn’t just lodge an application with the click of a mouse…

Now I am feeling all nostalgic…and I love the irony of doing this blog post on my iPad as I watch my digital TV…

Learn, Create & Share

To be honest, I say bring back the day we did not have ICT. Call me old school, but the human race seemed to do OK without the digital resources we have now.

If I had to go a day without digital technology, how free my life would be. I would have so much time on my hands to do other things. To catch up with my friends, I would walk or ride my bike to their house and have a face to face conversation with them instead of via text or Facebook. To study, I would go to the library and read books and write using paper and pens. I would have more time to spend outside at the beach, or park or reading a book instead of being on my phone. I would probably sleep better and would not have to use glasses to read.  My children would…

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I live in Townsville, I crochet, go to yoga and pilates, walk, study, and drink craft beers. Me in a nutshell.
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