The “Best learning experience” I have ever designed….

So. I am getting into Module 2, and I get to the first Blog Post Suggestion, and it says “By this stage you will have designed a range of learning experiences (activities, lessons, units etc.) in your studies, Professional Experience, and in other contexts.”


I have been on three pracs so far – 2 weeks in a nursery room, 3 weeks in a kindergarten, and 3 weeks in a Prep room, and ICT were pretty much never seen let alone used…in the kindergarten the closest I got to ICT was showing the children a video on my iPad, and having them take pictures with the kindy camera. In the Prep room the only ICT that was regularly used was the IWB. There were two computers in the room, as well as several iPads that really were not used to their full potential…In the Prep room I was able to use the IWB for online mathematics games, and my mentor kindly said that my use of ICT in the classroom was excellent, but I did not feel that way. All I did was find this game called “Ten-Frame” on the internet and put it up on the IWB for all the children to access and play.

My fellow student Zoe blogged about an amazing experience she had out on prac, where she was able to use PPT to create an interactive game for the Prep students in her class, and when I read this post I could really feel her excitement at having this lesson be so successful.

What I remember most about that prac and ICT experience was how excited I was at being able to smoothly operate an IWB after my 3-week stint – these things were not around when I was a kid…I also remember how well the children played with the game, how they all lined up and took turns, working together without having to be asked or reminded to do so. They loved the game, there were multiple levels so it was challenging for all students, and it kept them engaged for very long periods of time.

I have a long, long way to go, and I must admit to being very nervous about completing a 3-week prac where I have to incorporate ICT at every turn…

south park meme

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