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Smarter than your average phone…

Hello, a few posts ago I chatted (to myself) on this blog about ICT and happiness and whether we could survive a day without technology, and last week on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering,  he discussed our dependence on mobile … Continue reading

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EDC3100 A1 Link to Lesson Plan

Further to my previous post, I will be using the “Calcium Crusaders” lesson plan. Here is the PDF file: Discover Dairy – lesson plan – Calcium Crusaders    

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Lesson plans…

While most of my learned colleagues have finished assignment 1 and are already on to assignment 2, I am still battling…I have found several brilliant lesson plans that I would have loved to use, but the whole issue of copyright … Continue reading

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Post-walk Cuppa

Townsville, The Strand Continue reading

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Evaluating ICT for Lesson Plans…

On the off-chance that any of my dedicated followers are not doing EDC3100 this semester, I have been tasked with finding a lesson plan that incorporates ICT, and I am to evaluate it alongside a long list of criteria. I … Continue reading

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Blog Share

I am studying a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, and hope to teach kindergarten or Prep/Foundation year after graduation, so I am always drawn to resources for the under-6s. On Instagram this morning, via a post from Kylie Barrett … Continue reading

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The Magic 2 Months in Language Development

I absolutely love TED Talks. My first TED Talk was “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” by Sir Ken Robinson, and it blew my mind, opened my eyes, and completely changed my approach to education. If you have not seen this before, … Continue reading

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Using resources appropriately

Originally posted on The Weblog of (a) David Jones:
The following is intended to be an example that will be used in the course I’m teaching. It’s meant to demonstrate appropriate ways to reuse resources that have been created in…

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Teaching socially and ethically responsible ICT

Module 2 contained a link to an article on Piktochart created by Blackdale High School, and discussed the application of ICT practices and practices from a social and ethical perspective. They have included a great many examples and links to … Continue reading

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ICT and Happiness

So. Even the Dalai Lama is on Twitter. Whether technology's effect is good or bad depends on the user. It's important that we shouldn't be slaves to technology; it should help us. — Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama) March 11, 2016 This … Continue reading

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